Solar Home Package #1 (20W)

Click 6830-SPS-20W01 to download the data sheet.

Recommended Application:

(Household up to 2 people) - 1 LED bulb in the bedroom

- 1 LED bulb in the kitchen

- 1 LED bulb in the living room


Individual Part Numbers
1 x 20W Solar Panel 6830-100-SP20
1 x 10A Controller 6830-121-C10
3 x Led Helios Bulbs (3W DC) 6850-P03-CR4E27-DC
3 x Switch 6830-190-E27HS
1 x Cabinet A with USB Port 6830-150-C4U
1 x Cable (30m twisted pair 1.5mm) 6830-160-C15
Installation Materials  

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