Completed Projects

Hooters Makati
Location: Hooters Makati Philippines
Type of installed lights: Drago PAR 30, Drago PAR 38, Comet Spotlight, Ultra Thin Moonlight, Extendum Tubelights, Canister Light
Installation Date: May 2013
 Hilton Hotel
Location: Hilton Hotel Sanyuan Beijing
Type of installed lights:Comet18 Spotlights, Recessed Moonlight, Underwater Lights, Comets Spotlights, Canister Lights
Installation Date: January 2013
Tesco Supermarket 
Location: Tesco Daxing Beijing
Number of installed lights: 6000 Extendum T8 Tube Lights & 260 UFO Recessed Lights

Installation date: January 2012

BatLEDs Light in Nanjing Subway
Location: Nanjing Subway
Number of installed lights: 13 kilometers of the subway tunnel at 10 meters interval
Product type: BatLED 40W lamps
Tianjin People's Stadium Solar Lights
Location: Tianjin People’s Stadium
Number of installed lights: 5
Product type: LeDiwali Outdoor 
Height of poles: 3.5 Meter
Installation date: July 2009
Installation for Tongzhou Development Zone
Location: Beijing-Tianjin Highway
Number of installed lights: 555
Type of light: Lucas Twin head 180
Pole height: 15 Meters
Pole to pole distance: 50 Meters

Installation date: October 2010

Installation for Daxing Development Zone
Location: Beijing Daxing Development Zone 
Number of installed lights: 53
Type of light: Lucas II 84
Pole height: 10 Meters

Installation date: August 2009

Gothenburg, Sweden 2008
Location: Jacobson between 12th and 13th Street
Number of installed lights: 24
Products types: 20 Lucas II 84 and 4 Lucas I 42
Height of poles : 12 Meter
Distance between poles: 25 meters
Installation date: December 2008

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