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  • Magnum 6K32T and TR High-Port Density Managed Gigabit Ethernet Switches
    The 6K32T and the 6K32TR (Reverse model with ports and power supply in the rear, LEDs in the front) provide 16 fixed copper ports, and two modular slots for configuration…
  • CX-UA Series
    Memotec's CX-UA Series is a dedicated cellular backhaul platform delivering 2G, 2.5G &3G Radio Access Network (RAN) optimization for GSM and CDMA cellular operators with HSPA traffic offload capabilities. It…
  • U-Tron Lucas Flat Panel
          Introduction to our Lucas FP   {quickdown 329} FP stands for Flat Panel. So we can make use of the lenses that are widely available in the…
  • CX-U Series Backhaul Platform
    Memotec’s CX-U Series is a dedicated cellular backhaul platform delivering Radio Access Network (RAN) optimization, and A/E voice trunks compression. The CX-U reduces the bandwidth required to backhaul cellular traffic,…
  • CX800 Data Compression Modems (obsolete)
    CX800 Data Compression Modems (obsolete) This product is not available anymore.Please select from the Memotec CX-U series.
Helios CE DimmablePb Free Rohs
LED Helios 3
3.8 to 4 watt LED Helios will replace 25 - 40 Watt Incandescent Bulbs 

4 Watt LED Helios 3