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CX-UA Series

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/index.php?plg=sslfixer&url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.memotec.com%2Fimages%2FCX-UA.gifMemotec's CX-UA Series is a dedicated cellular backhaul platform delivering 2G, 2.5G &3G Radio Access Network (RAN) optimization for GSM and CDMA cellular operators with HSPA traffic offload capabilities. It enables operators to quickly deploy 3G and HSPA services over their existing transmission network, without costly upgrades and at a lower cost. Supporting TDM, ATM-IMA, Ethernet, Pseudowire and IP/MPLS, it also offers a seamless migration to an all-IP RAN infrastructure and the ability to use new broadband access transmission technologies.
The CX-UA has a key role within microwave environments where spectrum allocation restrictions may not allow further bandwidth acquisition. The ability to compress and optimize the information that flows through allows to create more room and alleviate the restrictions. As a result, the operator can continue acquiring new subscribers and accomodate more traffic.

The CX-UA Series brings together a flexible transmission access node and optimization device. Housed in a compact 1U chassis, the CX-UA delivers 2G-3G CDMA/GSM traffic aggregation and bandwidth optimization at the cell site or RAN hubbing point. It also offers a variety of backhaul interfaces and transmission options, including high speed direct interfaces to the Base Station Controller (BSC) or Radio Network Controller (RNC) nodes.

The CX-UA family is comprised of 3 products: CX-UA 1000, 4000 and 9000. All CX-UA platforms are designed to the most stringent carrier-grade standards, anf offer 1+1 or 1:n redundancy options. The CX-UA 1000 is the access node; it offers up to 32 E1 interfaces, Ethernet and STM-1 SDH interfaces (electrical or optical). . The E1 interfaces may be used to connect the NodeB, BTS or the RAN transmission equipment. The CX-UA supports Abis, CDMA TDM, CDMA ATM, Iub (with ATM-IMA), ATM-IMA uplink and Ethernet or IP/MPLS interfaces and protocols.

The CX-UA 4000 and 9000 (at the central office) both offer a high density modular chassis, connecting traffic to the RNC, or BSC over a choice of STM-1, STM-4 or GE interfaces.


CAPACITY CX-UA1001 CX-UA1002 CX-UA4000 CX-UA9000
E1 (TDM or ATM) 16 up to 32 up to 96 (6x16) up to 256 (16x16)
E1/VC12 ATM 21 63 126 252
E1 Abis 1 to 4 up to 16 up to 48 (6x8) up to 128 (16x8)
Ethernet Electrical 3 3 3 3
Ethernet Optical (SFP) 1 1 3 (2+1) 2
STM-1 (SDH + ATM) 1 1 0 6 (4+2)
STM-4 0 0 0 2
ADSL2+/VDSL modem 1 (option) 0 0 0

* Increase Revenue and Profits
  • Enables immediate roll-out of 3G and HSPA services
  • Improves coverage of new services through re-use of legacy transmission infrastructure
  • Increases penetration by expanding the capacity of existing networks
* Reduced OPEX / Minimal CAPEX
  • Increases backhaul capacity without added transmission resources or network upgrade
  • Takes advantage of lower cost broadband access services and IP-RAN technologies
  • Rapid ROI - often in only a few months
* Sustained service quality
  • Preserves mainstream revenue generating services
  • Maintains voice quality and service integrity
  • Simple and reliable fail-safe operation

* Digital E1: unframed, fractional, channelized TDM and ATM with IMA (up to 8 E1s) interfaces:
  • E1 line type : G.703/G.704 with or without CRC4 & MF
  • E1 encoding: HDB3, AMI, NRZ, NRZi, 75 or 120 Ohms
  • NFAS, AIS and RDI bits/alarm relay
  • Balanced 120 Ohms (RJ21) or Unbalanced 75 Ohms (BT43) connectors
* Ethernet: 10/100/1000 Mb/s, RJ 45 or SFP plug-in connector
* STM-1 ATM or SDH channelized VC12 interface [supports ATM IMA VC12], SFP connector
* STM-4 ATM or SDH channelized VC12 interface [supports ATM IMA VC12], SFP connector
* RS232 Serial craft interface
* Optional: VDSL / ADSL2+ line modem

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